Join us for the 2016 Driftless Safari!

Driftless Safari is a long-term scavenger hunt that will take you to some of the best natural, cultural, and historic treasures that Winneshiek County has to offer! It's open to everyone, lasts from Memorial Day until Halloween, and is FREE! Visit your favorite Winneshiek County public library to pick up your materials, then head out on your adventure!

Check out all the different pages on this website to find out more about the program. If you have any questions, give us a call at (563) 534-7145 or email

Enjoy your adventure!

POST UPDATE: With the extreme flooding that occurred across Winneshiek County in August, many of the Driftless Safari rubbing posts were likely washed away in high water. We will have a complete list of missing posts up as soon as possible. Please use caution and common sense when visiting any site that might have experienced flooding. If you visit a site and feel it is no longer safe for visitors due to flood damage, please let us know as soon as possible. If the post at a site is missing, feel free to make a leaf or bark rubbing, or simply draw a picture of something from the site, as proof of your visit.