Welcome to the 2014 Winneshiek Driftless Safari!

Driftless Safari is back for 2014! Get ready to once again explore the many wonderful places and spaces of Winneshiek County.

The program runs from Memorial Day weekend until Halloween. Materials can be picked up at any Winneshiek County Public Library. Downloadable files of the Maps and Guidebooks are available on this website for those who wish to print their own.

We are sad to report that the post along the Lower River Trail has been stolen. But, we encourage you to visit that site anyway! You can log your visit in your guidebook by drawing a picture, making a rubbing of a leaf or bark, or otherwise using your creativity to record your experience. In fact, you can do that at any site where you have trouble finding a post or if you think it might be gone!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (563) 534-7145 or email staff@driftless-safari.org.